How to get the books

Novospassky monastery scientific editors present the academic research project to publish the documents of the Russian Orthodox Church Holy Council of 1917-1918. It is possible to buy the already published volumes in the online store, in “Church history in documents” section.

Please choose the book, press “Buy” and the chosen book will appear in your “Basket”. Click on the “Basket” to make an order.  When you do that an order form will appear which you will have to fill in. Pick the delivery method and confirm your order.

Also you can buy the books directly from the book shop at Novospassky Monastery. The address is: Moscow, Krestyanskaya sq., 10 (“Proletarskaya” metro station).

It is planned to publish 36 volumes. Currently the volumes from 1 till 6 and 12, 14, 19 have been released. The first volume includes documents of pre-councilar work, which displays the productive experience of organizational practices. Volumes 2 and 3 contain the protocols of the Council, volume 4 includes the journals of bishops’ and Judgement Comission’s meetings. Starting with volume 5 the Acts of the Council are published, they include discussions on the topics relevant for us today: education, science, family preservation, the development of social and Church life. Besides that the Council Acts reflect the living language of that time, spoken by people from all parts of Russia called upon to take part in the Great Church Council. The large part of these published historical documents are presented to the scientific community for the first time. These materials will be interesting to sociologists, lawyers, political scientists, philologists, linguists, researchers of history, theologians, priests and everybody interested in Russian history.